At Fast Logistics Service we understand the importance and priority of your cargo, this is why we offer you a personalized, agile and complete service. Our priority is to support you in the shortest time possible and with the greatest security. We have daily flights, with the main cargo lines.

Take advantage of our consolidated transport service, with which you will be able to import your merchandise easily and safely without having to fill a container. The consolidated transport (LCL) allows to meet the demand of those importers and exporters who do not need the entire container.

Gain competitiveness using our preferential rates with the main shipping companies for the Region. We offer you solutions that adapts to your needs for all types of merchandise.

Our main storage objective is to have the best commercial partners that provide us with the best operating and economic conditions for our customers, operating with our own staff.

Alamcen Fiscal

Documentary procedures for import, export, nationalization of merchandise, calculation of taxes and complete customs advice.

Magaya is an intelligent and intuitive digital platform that allows you to track and control your merchandise in real time.

We have preferential rates with the main land transport companies. We guarantee a reliable and safe service for your pickups and deliveries from anywhere in the United States and the world.

For a greater tranquility in the transport of your merchandise, we offer you our cargo insurance for all modalities. Your cargo will be insured throughout the journey, until the time of delivery to your final destination.

Fast logistics Service has its own warehouse and office platform at our main company located in Miami, Florida, we also have offices throughout Central America. At the same time, we can connect you to a network of cargo handling agents worldwide.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals, who provide all the advice and guidance necessary for handling your imports and exports.