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What do we know about Pallets?2021-05-21T11:15:53-06:00

European Pallet: It is one of the most used pallets today. Its measurements are 1200 x 800 mm, and it is widely used both in transport and storage of large consumption. The European pallet or Euro pallet has a weight of around 27 kg, supporting moving loads of up to 1,400 kg.

American Pallet: This pallet is the most used in America and Japan, and is manufactured in different sizes, although the most used is 1200 x 1000 mm. This pallet is also known as “industrial pallet” or “universal pallet”. It also has an approximate weight of 25 kg, supporting dynamic loads of up to 1200 kg.

What is the meaning of the terms FCL and LCL?2021-05-21T11:17:24-06:00

It means “Full Container Load”. An FCL or Full Container Shipment, as the name suggests, is a shipment in which a shipper’s merchandise travels within a container without sharing space with other cargoes. 

An LCL or maritime groupage, is a type of shipment in which the cargo travels inside a container along with the loads of other shippers. That is why this mode is also known as a “shared container”.

When a merchandise is considered stackable?2021-05-21T11:20:46-06:00

A merchandise is stackable when its functions allow another package to be loaded on top of it. Generally, they are goods that resist weight and are well protected by packaging. In addition, the top of the package must be uniform and flat so that other goods can be loaded on top.

What is a TEU?2021-05-21T11:21:55-06:00

TEU is the acronym of the term in English: Unit equivalent to twenty feet.

These acronyms represent the unit of measurement of maritime transport capacity referred to in cargo containers. In other words, a TEU is the cargo capacity of a standard 20-foot container.

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